The IT (Information Technology) field is one of the hottest career fields in the world right now. With the majority of our world now relying on computers, the demand for workers who understand and can manufacture, use, and repair computers continues to grow. There are countless reasons why you should consider a career in IT, but the top ones are outlined here.

IT Professionals Are in High Demand

With more and more of our lives and businesses involving computers, IT is a hot field right now. In fact, it’s consistently listed in the top 10 best career fields globally, with expected grown still expected over the next several years. Nearly every business relies on at least one computer, and for those businesses that rely on multiple computers, the internet, and software, they often have a dedicated IT person on staff.

You Can Work Anywhere

As an IT professional, you can literally work just about anywhere in the world. As with the previous section, computers are an integral part of the global economy, and computers are computers, no matter where they’re located in the world. Whether your business is in the United States or China, you’re using the same computers, so once you’ve done your education on computers, you can apply that to virtually any computer system, anywhere in the world.

Opportunities for Advancement

There’s really no limit as to how far you can advance in the IT field. Many in the IT field start off as systems analysts, and then are promoted to managers. Larger companies have larger IT departments, so there will be more room for advancement with those. If you don’t want to work for someone else, once you have enough experience in information technology, you can branch out with your own business. IT consulting can be a very lucrative business if you have the right knowledge and have the right connections to people.

Variety of Roles

The IT field encompasses a lot of territory and job titles. From computer operators all the way up to business owners or the acquisition of and management of large networks of computers, there are a practically infinite number of roles you can take on. If you enjoy the technical aspect, you might be interested only in the jobs of computer repairs or setting up a computer network or server, for example. If you’re more of a people person, you might gravitate toward the management positions that oversee IT personnel or acquisition of computer systems.

It Pays Well

The IT field pays well, no matter in which part of it you’re interested. Entry-level information technology analysts, with 4-year degrees, earn an average of about $60,000 USD per year. Experienced analysts earn an average of over $80,000 USD per year. If you have more specialized education, you can earn even more. Systems engineers earn an average of nearly $90,000 USD per year, and computer software architects average about $119,000 USD each year. Those are great salaries for fields that only require a 4-year degree.

The IT Field is Constantly Changing

You will never be bored as an IT professional. Information technology is constantly evolving, with new technologies being introduced every day. Just look at how quickly personal computers have advanced from being large, slow, cumbersome machines, to being sleek, fast, small laptops. We now have cell phones that are palm-sized and can run computer applications. The technology continues to advance quickly, and IT professionals are expected to keep up with it. You will be continually learning, which is always a good thing, no matter what your career field.

Tech Companies Offer Great Working Environments

Tech companies are some of the most innovative when it comes to both the work they do, and the working environments they provide. Since many of these tech companies are headed by relatively young business people, they often have some unconventional perks for employees. For example, some tech companies offer fitness classes or massages during the day. Others offer flex time, which allows their employees to set their own schedules. Break rooms may include full kitchens, rather than just a microwave oven and refrigerator.

Granted, not all tech companies are going to offer these kinds of perks, but this field is more likely than other industry fields to understand what their employees want, and that happy employees perform better at their jobs.

Final words

To recap, the field of information technology is currently one of the fastest-growing career fields. Since the global economy is now reliant on computers and networks, this field will continue to expand. Information technology is one of the few career fields that you can start off in an entry-level position, earning a very nice salary.
This career field offers a variety of different roles, so there’s something for nearly everyone from the computer repair technician to a manager to a Chief Technology Officer. This is a field that is constantly evolving and introducing new technologies, so you will not be stagnant, doing the same old thing every day. If you have an interest in computers, the IT field is definitely one you should consider.

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