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The news today is filled with exciting new technology breakthroughs such as virtual reality, machine learning, robotics, artificial intelligence, and autonomous vehicles. Where they are adopted, these same technologies are the bellwether of dramatic changes in fields from healthcare to finance. And, in the same breath, they herald a prospect of job loss, dislocation and disruption for people in certain occupations.

These are exciting and scary times. So how can you take advantage of the new opportunities these technologies are creating and also protect yourself from the inevitable buggy whip obsolescence?

According to a 2013 study by Oxford University’s Department of Engineering, nearly half of American jobs, 47%, are at risk of being automated over the next two decades.

The researchers examined 700 occupations, examining the tasks workers perform, the skills required and the engineering obstacles currently preventing computerization.

Tasks less at risk are those requiring creative and social skills.

With this in mind, the concept of lifelong learning is transforming from a discretionary aspiration to a career necessity. No longer is it a supplemental luxury to learn new skills, and no longer is learning new skills something you do only when you’re pursuing a significant career change. Being relevant, competitive, and in-demand in today’s fast-moving world requires an ongoing commitment to lifelong learning regardless of your role or career path.

An excerpt from The Job for Life Model is Dead. Here’s What Millennials Need to Know

Going forward, we’ll need a generation of workers who are hungry to learn and eager to keep pace with the times. They will pioneer new ways of combining business and technology to be more productive, and they’ll update old work models to match. Organizations across industries will look for curious, flexible, data-driven minds in both blue collar and white collar jobs. They’ll want people with the proven ability to keep learning and stay relevant in their field of expertise; people who actively pursue opportunities where their transferable skills might be applicable.

Jonas Prising, Chairman & CEO, ManpowerGroup

After 20+ years in corporate America and another 15 years of entrepreneurship, and working with a large variety of clients at varying levels in diverse industries, we have concluded that there are 12 critical abilities that people need to learn if they want to reach their ultimate potential in these exciting times.

What the Corporate Athlete Learning Portal does is begin to help you down this path by introducing you to the FIRST THREE of these abilities.



The first three are the foundation for the other nine. And, as you know, there is no point in building if you don’t have a solid foundation to build on.


The Foundation of Everything


The Science of Self


Relationships to Drive Your Future

Build Teams

Goal Setting

Time Mastery

Power Communications

Completed Staff Work

Management by Metrics


Quantum Leap

Life Balance

The portal has many free, extremely relevant resources to aid you in your life-long learning journey to becoming a Corporate Athlete. There are articles, videos, recommended books, and learning modules and more being added every week.

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