How We Help

Great leaders are great because of strengths… 

…like focus, persistence, accountability, emotional intelligence, persuasiveness, ability to achieve objectives, authenticity, and self-confidence. However, those strengths can cause them to repeat what has worked in the past until they are provided with specific, irrefutable behavioral-based information which clearly illustrates what stands between them and their objectives. Once they accept this information, or feedback, they will employ their strengths and adjust their behaviors to remove the obstacles or grasp the opportunities.


Assessments are practical, time-saving tools that help you to better understand yourself and your people. Our online assessments will give you invaluable information about a team member’s work style, what motivates them and how they think and make decisions.

DISC – Communication and Behavior
Driving Forces – What Motivates You
TriMetrix HD – DISC, Driving Forces, Skills/Competencies, Acumen
EQ – Emotional Intelligence
Exceptional Talent – Your Talent Mastery
360° Survey – How Others Feel About Working with You



Individual coaching will help you clarify your long-term goals for your business, career and personal life.  We’re here to help you get unstuck. As our coaching client we provide you with the tools and techniques that other top executives are using to get and stay ahead.

Annual Coaching Program
Strategies to Achieve Your Bigger Future
Success is Not a Solo Act
Quantum Leap Investments
Purpose Alignment
Executive Life Cycle



Are you managing a team but feel like you don’t really know them that well?  How they prefer to work, where they are likely to conflict, who would be best for each project? We know taking them go kart racing won’t solve these issues.  Our team coaching will help you get the answers to your team questions.

Annual Coaching Program
Understand Your Reality
Building the Team Profile
Customize the Journey
The Custom Day Experience
The Accountability Team Process