Sam Dryburgh, my father, gave me two little life lessons when he wrote in my journal when I was 5 years old:

  • Look before you leap!
  • The early bird gets the worm!

I have heard that your answer to the question, “Is the universe a friendly place?” positions you as an optimist or a pessimist and says a lot about how your life will unfold.

A recent blog from Greg Hague titled “Lighting Bolts and Mystery Spots” made me realize how we are often so busy we don’t really explore the mystery spots along the highway of life. We rationalize that we can always look at them later.

Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” -John Lennon

In an earlier blog we discussed how we are being asked to continuously live in a state of transformation.  Looking at new roles or opportunities… new ways to automate or enhance our productivity.

More words to 5-year-old Jim from Sam Dryburgh: “God intends for every bird to get his food, but he does not necessarily throw it into the nest!

  • You can scan the world for how to say no to the wrong things… a good protective strategy if you want work life balance
  • But the best approach is to scan your world looking for when to say yes!

So, if you are crafting your career, how can you decide when to say yes?  Think of the power of having a list of your unique personal Exceptional Criteria for career management.  Your own personalized tool for career decision making.

Amazingly, many of our clients have created such a tool by combining:

  • An expanded knowledge of themselves… The Science of Self.
  • A clear list of their Exceptional Talents… the things that put them in their thriving zone.
  • A list of what they want… goals that are dreams and criteria that supports their dreams and habits.

You can find resources and ideas on our site that are designed for you to create such a tool for yourself.