But Words Can Never Hurt Me.

A nursery rhyme from the 1800’s that most of us have heard and possibly even spoken out loud.

I was thinking about this because with all the vitriolic in the news this month I recalled this rhyme and thought how it really isn’t true. Words can hurt!

Our assessment provider, TTI Success Insights, has done a bunch of brain research into this that shows that there are certain words that stop communication from occurring. Words that, when used, cause our minds to close, our mouths to shut and our brains to mentally pack up shop.

The pilot study suggests the way we communicate with one another and the words we choose are vitally important. In fact, what seems to be critical is avoiding the wrong words: words that seem to fit the discussion from our point of view, may actually result in negative reactions when interpreted by others.

Thinking about the resistance we see to change.  Even while change maybe the most constant there is in business today.

I love the quote from Joseph Heller, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.”

So when you’re faced with change … Try using the word “inconvenient.” It will do marvels for your stress chemistry and allow you to face the pressures with new insights and an open mind, ready to take advantage of the opportunities. Rather than seeing the downsides of a change.

How you manage your reaction to people who do things that make you crazy angry is also key to your life progress.  For years I have practiced being “peeved” as a standard response to any adversity. Look back at our September 9 blog where you find the article by Tony Robbins that expands on this concept in that we can change our lives by being careful about the words we use in our self-speak. You know… when you talk to yourself.

If you have one of our assessments go back and read the words people should use when they want to resonate with you and the words not to use.

Want to find out words to use or not use for someone in your social circle? Try our People Profiler tool.. 60 seconds to better communication.  Before you being, watch my video on the home page.

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