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We’re currently accepting relevant sponsored posts only, which are available at $350 per article. This includes a permanent do-follow backlink. Please submit all sponsored posts requests to dferguson@balancedworklife.com.

Thank you for your interest in publishing your content on our website! Our Balanced WorkLife (BWL) blog is where successful knowledge workers and executives find expert, practical advice on the tools, knowledge, skills and experience that will allow them to achieve their full potential, both personally and professionally. Our goal is to help the best get better.


  • Posts on the BWL blog must be relevant to our audience and relatable. No jargon or corporate speak. Keep it interesting and conversational.
  • Our audience is future focused leaders/executives. They are busy. What are they going to get out of your post?
  • If your initial email/request has typos and/or poor grammar don’t expect a response from us. You will automatically be rejected.

Content Objectives

  • Posts should have a thought-leadership focus vs. re-packaging common knowledge.
  • Posts should give actionable advice. That means each piece of content should have at least one takeaway that readers can apply.


Think in terms of topics like:

  • AI
  • Innovation
  • Engagement
  • Communication
  • Workplace Culture
  • Conflict
  • Leadership
  • Diversity
  • Stress
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Confidence
  • On-boarding
  • Team Work

Linking Policy

  • Link to other content whenever relevant. Every link included must add value for readers.
  • We’ll allow a link or two if it’s to educational content that helps teach the reader more about the topic at hand. If it’s blatant link-bait… well… sorry Charlie.

Word Count

  • 800 (min) – Please don’t limit your blog post based on this number. Most posts range from 800-2800 words.

Format for sharing

  • Email us a Word doc.

Paragraph length and spacing

  • Keep paragraphs short. No longer than 4 lines.
  • We adhere to the one space after the period philosophy, not two.


  • Use headers and sub headers to break up your post.
  • Avoid big blocks of text.
  • When writing headlines be specific and indicate a benefit to the reader. Read “How to Write a Headline” if you need pointers.
  • Use bullet or numbered lists.
  • End the post with a question or a call to action for comments. The more specific, the better.


We love images on the BWL blog. We use them to break up text, make the blog post scannable and to support data. Ideally, we include one image at every scroll depth, so an image is always visible. Please include a minimum of 2 royalty-free images to accompany your text.

  • Include one header  image
  • All post images must be at least 1920px wide
  • Include images that illustrate “how to” do something or images that support data.

Author Bio

  • Please include one. This is where we will provide the backlink to your product or service.


We reserve the right to edit your post or bounce it back to you for revisions. We may edit anchor text and links that are not relevant to your post. Sometimes scheduling may change but we will let you know ahead of time.


We ask that your article not be published elsewhere previously, or simultaneously. If you’d like to republish a guest post that ran on the BWL site, please wait at least 2 weeks to do so. Update it to make it current and link to the original post.


Please plan to promote your post throughout your social networks. We ask that you share it more than once on multiple networks over multiple days. The time frame and scheduling is up to you.

We look forward to hearing from you!