Do you sometimes feel like your job just doesn’t matter?

That if you stopped showing up each day, things would likely move along just fine after only a hiccup or two?

Then go see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

In it, Mitty discovers – despite initial appearances to the contrary – that his contribution at work really does matter.

That he impacts people every day and doesn’t even realize it.

He learns that – despite the bullies, a changing work environment, and a life of less-than-optimal circumstances – he is important.

And it’s the same for you and me. But sometimes we just need help seeing it.

Like the barista who knows the order of her regular customer before he says it, making his day brighter. She matters.

The patient library clerk who shows the elderly gentleman how to use the online catalog search, again. He matters.

Or the admin assistant who keeps the team alert to the boss’ changing schedule – and mood swings. She matters, too.

Which is why I was impressed with Twentieth Century Fox’s approach to marketing this film. A move that enabled indie Filmmaker Casey Neistat to make his job matter.

Fox offered Neistat a $25,000 budget to create a promotional video for their movie.

Neistat accepted their challenge. And pitched an idea that truly made his job matter.

He wanted to take the budget, travel to the Philippines, and provide help to a community that was recovering from a massive Typhoon.

The result is this inspirational video which reveals Neistat’s trek to the Philippines and how he provided more than 10,000 meals, tools for 35 villages, and medicine to local organizations.

So the next time you wonder if your job really matters…

Or question if you make a difference for anyone in your day-to-day at work…

Think about Neistat and how he took what could have been an ordinary corporate marketing-driven assignment and made it extraordinary.

Ask yourself, what do I do (or could I do) to make my day at work just a little more extraordinary?

And when you do, don’t forget to thank Walter Mitty.