Editor’s Note:  Today’s guest post comes from Darren Mac.  Darren is a sales consultant currently living in london promoting employment in Sales jobs and talent management.

Every year millions of new fresh face graduates spill out of universities.

Many are filled with enthusiasm and believe that they will walk straight into the jobs of their dreams. But the harsh reality is that many may end up on unemployment benefits, work unskilled and low paid jobs, or do long internships for free, and even those can have huge competition.

Employers want graduates to have certain qualities and often ask their recruitment consultants to keep an eye out for candidates who hold all the desired qualities. Employers have to go through hundreds of CV examples to try and pick out the best.

1.  Business Acumen

Business acumen is a very sought after quality. Graduates need to know how the company ticks and understand what the organisation is about, what their goals and aims are and how the company competes within the market place.

2. Written and Verbal Communication

Both verbal and written communication is extremely important in the work place. Candidates must be able to communicate properly to the required audience in an appropriate manner. They also must be able to listen and respect the views of others.

3.  Team Skills

Employers like it when potential employees are able to work as a member of a team. At the same time it is useful to be able to take on responsibility and be able to manage others. Building relationships at work will help keep work moral high and help achieve positive objectives and goals.

4. Logical Thinking

Being a logical thinker and having an analytical approach to problem solving can only be a positive trait. New employees must be able to successfully approach all types of problems and resolve issues.

5. Persuasive Reasoning

Getting your ideas across and persuading others is extremely useful in the workplace. You must be able to put your ideas forward but at the same time still be able to respect others and understand their views and ideas. An employer will be impressed if someone can negotiate with other team members and end up with a positive result.

6. Leadership Skills

Employers like it when someone has good leadership skills. If new employees can show that they have the potential to motivate groups of people and make others work successfully for them they could prove themselves as management material and move quickly up the promotion letter. Being able to delegate tasks well, set deadlines and successfully lead others can only be a plus.

7.  Organization

Organisation is a key attribute that employees must have. Being able to work efficiently, productively and prioritise your work load and manage your time must go without saying. You must be able to focus on getting your work done on time and meet all deadlines set so that you can make the employer feel more confident in the team.

8.  Motivation

If you are a get and go type of person make sure this stands out it the work place. Employers like it when the work force has good motivation. At some stage within everyone’s career you will experience hardships and challenges and the only way to get through them is motivation and perseverance. This will help keep the workplace cheerful and happy and impress the boss.

9.  Multi Tasking

Many jobs will always require you to be working on a number of different tasks all at the same time. Employees need to be able to work under pressure, stay calm and stress free in order to get the jobs done.

There are a number of skills that one must have in order to stand out in the work place and build a successful career within their chosen industry. Just remember to remain confident, not only in yourself, but the people you work with and the company you work for. Research on every Job site you can find for extra information.

Your Turn

What skills do you feel are required to stand out as a recent grad?

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