Are you looking for advice on interviewing for jobs?

Well, no matter how many helpful, useful, or actionable posts our team writes about interviewing effectively, tricky interview questions, or how to prepare for your first job interview, we’re fighting a losing battle.

Because in just 10 cartoon panels, The Oatmeal says it all. Succinctly, enjoyably, and while making me snort with laughter so loudly that the guy at the next table leaned over to see my laptop screen. He agreed that it’s spot on.

The Oatmeal's Ten Types of Crappy Interviewees


Click through to to see the full cartoon.

I’m not posting it here, out of respect for his creative rights. Plus, I’ve been reading his stuff long enough to know that I don’t want him drawing a picture of my mother with a bear, even if it DOES raise $200,000 for charity. No thanks.

Enjoy! And let us know if you’re guilty of any of these interview violations. I must admit, early in my career I was a blend of the Mute and the Apologizer. {snorts!}