One of the most satisfying and rewarding things in life is working hard and achieving things in your career. However, it is fair to say that sometimes work can get in the way of our personal lives, restricting what we can do.

One of the things it often restricts is our opportunity to go on vacation. If you are a keen traveller, work can become very frustrating as most jobs will only allow annual leave of up to two weeks in a row.

So, how on Earth do you go about securing more travel each year without giving up on your career goals? Well, the simple answer is to combine the two. Why not find a suitable job which involves a lot of travel?

You can explore a number of options by taking a look at this infographic from

It’s called Ten Jobs That Allow You To Travel The World and suggests a number of jobs from a wide range of industries, so there is something for everyone.

Perhaps you are a writer or journalist, if so, why not try your hand at travel writing or blogging? If you are involved in sport, why not become a coach in different countries around the word?

These are only two examples of what the infographic covers, so if you are intrigued, take a look at it below for yourself.