It’s fair to say that as a society, we are increasingly aware of the importance of a good education. This was proven in 2016, when university places hit record highs, as reported in this University business article.  However, it is also fair to suggest that there are certain important things in life, which further our careers, which cannot be taught in a classroom.

For example, there are lots of well-known entrepreneurs who went against the grain of further education to gain a little more life experience to improve their professional knowledge.

Sir Richard Branson left school at 16 in order to pursue his first business, a student magazine. By the time he was 21, he’d learned a lot about the success and failures in business that a graduate of the same age simply could not.

Whatever your children choose to do with their futures, Noticeboards Online has created an infographic to help you teach then vital life skills they might not gain in traditional education.

It’s called How To Teach Your Children To Be Entrepreneurial and covers everything from understanding the value of money to being able to be as creative as possible.

How To Teach Your Children To Be Entrepreneurial (INFOGRAPHIC)