Being a mother and a house wife is one of the most wonderful things that can happen in the life of a woman. Nothing beats waking up to your children’s happy call and opening your eyes seeing your most beloved man lying beside you. Being a mother and a housewife is a noble career for a woman.

However, there are instances when a woman must help her husband to support their families growing needs. Nowadays, it is not enough that a man carries the entire financial burden since one cannot support the needs alone with the bad economy giving almost everyone financial burden. The goods and commodities cost a lot plus the growing needs of the children should also be met aside from the basic needs that should be provided.

Aside from that, women today wants to prove themselves more. A career as a house wife is not in the option since we already seek to prove our worth. Every one of us has needs to fulfill like realizing what we want to be and achieving them. The need to prove something is already innate which is the reason why we always seek to do something we could be proud of. Having a good career as a mother and a housewife helps one feel her place in the world.

There are ways, though, on how to reach for your goals without compromising the wonder opportunity to be a wife and a mother. These are the few guidelines in choosing the right job that will still help you achieve your goals while being able to still fulfill your responsibilities.

  1. Choose a job that will still give you time for your family- a part time job is good to consider since it gives you more time with your family. Unlike a full time job, this will consume less energy as well as time. This will be the start to reach for your goals.
  2. Family is always first- it is important to prioritize your family over your job. You shouldn’t miss out of the important milestones in your family’s life. Putting your family in first place means that you know how to weigh the situation. If your family’s welfare that is already at stake, it is better to compromise work first and don’t let others stand as the mother or wife in the house since this will bring worse results. Remember that they are the motivation to reach for your goals which is why they should be put first and not last.
  3. Leave work at the office- there are other far more important work at home anyway. It is important that you live the stresses and troubles in your office there because there will always be other worries to face at home. Same is true with housework which you should leave at home. Bringing your work at home will lessen your time with the people who really matters the most.
  4. Take good care of yourself- you should have a constant check of your own wellness since you are handling a lot of responsibilities now that you’ve decided to have outside work to help support your partner. It will be hard to fulfill your responsibility as a mother and an employee once your health fails. Once you fall sick, it may just add to your financial burdens since you will need to seek medical help from doctors as well as the medicines to be prescribed to you.
  5. Try applying for an online job- an online job is the perfect choice for mothers and housewives who still wants to stay at home and supervise their loved ones. Not only does it takes away the stress of daily transportation and the travel time it consumes, it also cuts a lot of spending required since you don’t need to pay for the regular fare that you will need to spend.

The best way so far that i could say is effective is working in an online freelance website. Here in the Philippines, finding a job is really hard. It makes it harder when the employers discover that you have kids to support. Most employers prefer single women since they believe that they could depend on them whenever they need them.

I needed to work since my husband’s meager wage simply isn’t enough to pay bills as well as provide us a decent meal. It is hard to budget $150 a month especially that the cost of living is high. We have two kids to rear and the additional expenses are already overwhelming us.

I found that working as an online freelance writer is better than applying in a secular job since I have control over my time. I do not have to stress myself with racing with time when to go to work or go back home since my office and my home is already in one place.

The main reason, though that I chose to work online is the high pay I receive compared to working in a company here in the Philippines. I earn dollars and the dollar to peso conversion here is quite high. As a matter of fact, I earn more than my husband. My opportunities are unlimited and I have control over the time I will work in the day. Job opportunities in the cyber world may help you reach for your goals.

Of course, you may choose another way to reach for your goals. It is important to think of your family first and seek approval of your partner. Just keep in mind that your career as a woman is being a mother and a wife. Not everyone is given this opportunity so you should cherish it. You may lose your job but you certainly will never lose the people who believes in you as a woman and that’s what matters most in life.

About the Author

Zuhair Sharif is a digital marketer, writer, blogger and entrepreneur. He likes to write and develop educational and inspirational material to help bring value to other’s lives.