Office Bliss (An Infographic on Work-Life Happiness)

Key Take Aways

1.  Happiness with work environment has decreased consecutively the last 4 years.

This is a sad trend to see.  Each year happiness has dropped by a few percentage points, but lower happiness leads to less productivity, which leads to weak economic growth.  Bad signs all around.

2.  These are the top things that lead to employee job satisfaction.

Each point represents the percentage of employees whose work exhibits these characteristics and feel they are happy with their work.  Ie 63% of workers who feel their jobs are secure report happiness at work.

  • Secure jobs 63%
  • Benefits 60%
  • Compensation/pay 57%
  • Opportunities to use skills and abilities 55%
  • Feeling safe in the work environment 54%
  • Relationship with supervisor 52%
  • The work itself 50%
  • Independence 47%
  • Work-Life balance 46%
  • Corporate Culture 45%

3.  Engaged organizations have the potential to reduce staff turnover by 87 percent and improve performance by 20%.

Seems like a win/win for both employees and employers.  The workers stay happy and the employer makes money.

4.  Top 5 Happiest Careers.

  • Biotechnology worker
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Teacher
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Buyer

This came as a surprise to me.  Three out of the five are low paying, individual contributor positions.   Secondly, customer service and teaching never came to me as enjoyable jobs, but maybe the summer vacations and the feeling of helping others contributes to their happiness.

5.  Each happy friend increases a person’s chance of being happy by 18%

I’ve heard similar things about fat friends increasing their social circle’s chance of being fat, so this makes sense as well.  I certainly tend to surround myself with other happy people, and I feel better as a result.

Your Turn

What has the greatest impact on your work happiness?