workfrom-logo2There was a time when people went to a coffeehouse for, well, the coffee.

But with the increase in freelance careers and remote work agreements, such places are now often packed with folks hard at work.

At times, nearly everyone in the shop has a laptop or similar device with them. And they’re heads-down, learning, creating, or scheduling for hours at a time.

When you don’t have to be in the office, and you don’t want to work from home every single day, where do you go?

You’d like a spot with some activity – yet not overly distracting hubbub. With a menu – but not a pricey one. And don’t forget the WiFi and electrical outlets – you definitely need those.

That’s where Workfrom comes in.


Find a Great Place to 'Workfrom'


Workfrom is a Portland-based startup that offers online listings of the best places for working remotely. Rankings are based on reliable WiFi, menu offerings, seating options, and friendliness. The small Workfrom team is adding new listings all the time, but many of the locations in their database come direct from the Workfrom community of users.

Founded earlier this summer, their 3-person team is making waves in Portland with this valuable service, and they’re about to launch in Seattle.

Imagine, easily finding a place to work based on whatever need you have at the time you’re ready to work: late hours, great menu, or reliable WiFi.

Personally, I’m hoping they hit Phoenix next.