You might not believe it, but work-life balance applies to your digital life, too. What you do on more casual social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter might not seem as important to prospective employers as what you post on your LinkedIn profile, but the truth is that nearly 60 percent of employers take your entire social media presence into consideration during the hiring process. Not only do they want to verify your professional skills, but they want to be sure you are a good fit for their corporate culture and are not likely to cause an embarrassing incident on social media.

Business professionals need to be aware that what they say and do online reflects on their professional images. If you want your social media presence to work for you instead of against you, there are some common-sense strategies you can employ to ensure that no matter which platform you use, employers will see the best, most professional side of you. The guide below contains some tips for three of the most popular and relevant social media platforms to ensure that what you post will not dissuade any potential employers.

Author bio:

Cindy Madden is the Communications Manager at Stevenson University’s School of Graduate and Professional Studies. She emphasizes the importance of working adults successfully completing their bachelor’s degree or earning their master’s degrees to advance their careers.