We live in a time where doing our part for the environment today may come to impact the quality of life for millions down the road. If you’ve always had a passion for all things green, you might be surprised to know that there are more fields for environmentally conscious workers than ever before. Jobs like urban farming and sustainable energy engineers are not only in high demand, but are continuing to grow into the foreseeable future. As such, if you have an eagerness to make the world a better, more sustainable place to live, these fields might be worth taking a look at.


If getting your hands right into the action is the direction you prefer, a career in geology might just be the right thing for you. Geologist are highly sought after in several different career paths. Mainly, you can find them working directly with the earth’s resources. That could mean anything from working to sustain and optimize the earth’s renewable resources (including rain water, geothermal heat, and even the earth’s tides) to the study and protection of our oceans.

Sustainable Energy Engineers

Engineers are always in high demand. As a rule of thumb, the world is always in desperate need for those who create. However, specifically relating to the environmental sector, engineers help us to imagine, create, maintain, and improve things that power our world. Instead of turning to fossil fuels, sustainable energy engineers work to perfect things like the electric car, wind turbines, and solar power in order to provide the earth with less damaging sources of energy that we so gravely need.

Urban Farmer

The need to produce organic food quickly has increased exponentially in recent years. Especially in densely populated areas, consumers want the freshest ingredients as quickly as possible. The best way to do that is through urban farming. Urban farming usually means taking advantage of unused city space for the purpose of farming organic foods. Not only does it provide a “farm to table” experience for those within the city, but it doesn’t waste precious farmland for those who need it most. Additionally, many urban farming initiatives provide impoverished regions across the world the tools necessary to sustain their community with nutritional produce.

Green Builder

Green builders can function in various capacities. For example, they may be asked to refurbish established (and possibly energy draining) buildings into smooth-running, energy efficient ones. There are also many private contractors working in the green field that help design and and manufacture state of the art green homes and facilities from the ground up. Lastly, some green builders work with whatever recyclable resources they can find and build homes for the homeless and less fortunate.

Water Quality Technicians

Ever wonder what happens when there is an oil or chemical spill in the ocean? That’s where water quality technicians come in. These experts work hard to stop these types of incidents from happening, but when they do occur, they’re also creating the most efficient methods for water decontamination. Other technicians may be assigned to the treatment of contaminated water in 3rd world countries. Sadly, there are many countries in the world which don’t have the luxury of enjoying clean, disease-free drinking water whenever they please. These folks help to make this a reality for those in need.

These are just a handful of options for the environmentally conscious worker. There are so many ways to get involved with green work in this day and age. It’s as simple as doing your research, joining a cause, and doing your part to make a lasting effect. You have the power to lend a helping hand and make your mark on the world.