There is nothing more terrifying than asking a boss for a raise because you have to step out of your comfort zone, big time. Some people get seriously intimidated by this because many bosses are positioning themselves as powerful persons who don’t appreciate if they are treated with HR-related questions. However, in many cases, it is the right thing to do because any work should be rewarded accordingly. Agree? Then read further.

I personally have a friend who was a little bit intimidated by his boss, so he kept avoiding this conversation. He thought that nothing bad would happen if he asked some other time, and just kept doing his job. This was a wrong strategy because the range of his responsibilities was expanded but he did nothing to show that he really valued his results. You should not take this approach because finding “some other time” may last forever.

To ensure that you get compensated for a good performance, we have prepared an awesome infographic from Aussiewriter that will be your personal assistant in making this important decision. It has many scenarios that people face on the job as well as answers to the questions you may encounter along the way. For example, if you have recently received a job offer from another company that offered more money for the same job, it is a definite sign for you to go to the boss’s office and get a fair compensation. When other people are ready to pay more for what you do than your boss, there is no point in working for less, agree?

Find out if you are qualified for a raise right now by answering a series of smart questions in this infographic. When you are complete, you will reach the final question that determines whether you should stay cool, take the raise, or top yourself!

When to Ask For a Raise (INFOGRAPHIC)