There’s a lot of career resources out there today, but the problem is that few are actually in-depth enough and practical enough to be actionable. If you Google “career advice” or “interview advice” it’s difficult to find a resource that isn’t generic or obvious to the job seekers of today. As a result, most people trying to land jobs are spending more time looking for strategies than they executing on them.

This is a useful guide because of its emphasis on actionable and practical strategies. Modern Career Advice is a company trusted by UC Berkeley to teach the school’s 450,000+ alumni their approach to job search. I’ve noticed that a lot of career companies only serve first-time job seekers, so I was surprised that the team at Modern Career Advice has worked with C-level executives and middle managers (Managers, Directors, VP’s, etc.). As experts in the career space, they have had clients land jobs in almost every vertical possible, including the most competitive ones (Marketing, Engineering, Finance, Technology, Healthcare, etc.).

This guide provides the exact, data-driven, and actionable strategies a candidate needs to get paid what they are worth and is the result of 21,000+ hours of work. One thing is for sure- it is definitely not another “Top 10 Secrets to Landing a Job” post. Within the 7-part guide, you’ll find a step by step guide to find best companies to apply to, create high converting resumes that turn into interviews, and leave those interviews with an offer consistently. I believe in its value as a resource, and am looking forward to your thoughts and feedback on it!

Here’s the link to the guide: