If you’ve been in the corporate world for longer than five minutes, you know the importance of creating a stellar personal brand. You’ve worked hard to build a good reputation, behave in a professional manner, and network with the right people—all of which are necessary.

But you’re missing one thing: a personal logo. It may sound small, but logos are a huge asset when you’re searching for a job. Why? According to the creative team at Company Folders, there are 4 main reasons:

1. Showcase creativity

Most of your corporate life is spent trying live up to professional expectations and conduct yourself by the rules. A personal logo doesn’t break any rules, but it does let you create a meaningful symbol that shows you’re more than just a body in a chair. It shows off your creativity and resourcefulness in a way that a longer written document—like a CV or cover letter—could never do.

2. Summarize your skills

A picture is worth a thousand words, which makes a personal logo a great way to tell people about yourself without wasting space. It’s one concise, coherent symbol that sums up your awesome reputation, personality, and skills in a visual way.

3. Make you more memorable

People’s brains are hardwired to process images quicker than words—and to remember those images more clearly and for longer amounts of time. Adding a personal logo to all of your job interview materials will make you more memorable to the hiring manager. And the more they think about you, the more likely you are to get a callback.

4. Give you a head start

Right now, you’re pursuing work with an established company—and that may be the career path you stick with. But you may also decide to start your own business or do freelance work. If you have a personal logo, you’re one step closer to building a brand identity for your own company. You can branch out from that existing logo to create a whole marketing strategy—and since some of your clients have already seen your logo, you’ll have automatic brand awareness.


A personal logo can go a long way toward landing your dream job or helping you get your own business on its feet. So how do you choose the right logo design for you? This handy tool will teach you how to create your own personal logo in just six steps

 4 Reasons You Need A Personal Brand Logo for Job Searching