No, not a leftover business card from your last job. Every working professional needs a personal business card they can use outside their company. This is an especially valuable tool when you’re looking for a new job, because it tells hiring managers a lot about you as a person and potential worker.
Of course, you want to make sure your card is telling them the right things. The expert design team at Company Folders has found some great ways to make a business card that helps your job hunt.

1. Limit contact info

The hiring manager already has your resume and application, both of which should have information like your street address, email, and any relevant phone numbers. To make sure you’re not being redundant (or wasting precious design space), cut out most of the contact info on your business card.

Then, stick with information that either a) is the most important or b) hasn’t been used everywhere else. This gives the interviewer different info that they may not already have and lets you fill up all that extra space with original images or other details.

2. Choose cool die-cuts

One sure way to shake things up is with a die-cut business card. These custom options let you create a card in any shape, whether you want to play on the traditional rectangle or use another shape entirely. There are even foldable, interactive, and 3D options available.

While these cards cost more, they show hiring managers that you’ll spare no expense to advance your career. Not to mention they make you much more memorable than a standard business card.

3. Organize the layout

Business cards often end up in the garbage simply because they’re not useful. If the design’s layout is a hotter mess than spilled cocoa, people won’t bother taking the time to decipher which information is the most important.

You can prevent this—and make a great impression on hiring managers—by making sure your card has a clean, organized layout. That means putting the most important elements in the most visible places, then using smaller details to guide the recipient’s eye around the card.


These three tips will get you off to a great start, but they’re not the only ways to make your business card stand out. Learn more ways to create a cool, custom business card with the resource below.

3 Ways a Great Business Card Can Help You Land a Job