Being stuck with a job where you’re unhappy is a not a sacrifice worth being made. A job takes up a good chuck of your time everyday, so it’s important to invest your time in the right job.

The infographic made by Market Inspector shows 20 different signs that you may resonate with, if you’re thinking about quitting your current job. Some of these signs are quite commonly felt while the others are those you don’t realize until you reach your quitting point.

How many of you wake up everyday and look forward to going to the office? Well, if you do, then you’re lucky. But, if you don’t then it’s time to rethink your options. Knowing when to let go is as important as being persistent when required.

The infographic displays information in a light and fun manner for you to reflect on your professional well being from time to time. Every working person needs to evaluate their professional growth and make decisions based on it. Take a look and enjoy reading.

20 Signs You Need to Quit Your Job (INFOGRAPHIC)