Are you constantly feeling stressed at work, getting more and more disillusioned by your job? Or are you feeling demotivated and find yourself dragging your feet to work each day? 

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to enjoy the work you do and do well at it, without having to succumb to  a never ending  corporate rat race!

One great way to find satisfaction at work again is through the practice of mindfulness and meditation. It is so convincing (and scientifically proven to work)  that companies like Google and Facebook have started meditation groups within their organizations. But how is mindfulness effective? Here are 6 ways it benefits you!


You Find Focus

Meditation is like that saying we hear every so often, “Keep your eye on the prize.” Our mind is made up of so many thoughts and emotions. We are constantly thinking, observing and making endless commentaries in our heads. So much so, that sometimes we neglect the “prize”. We neglect the present moment – the only moment that we really, truly have. Meditation trains the brain to focus on the present moment, to keep our eyes on the prize.

At work, focus is crucial element of success. Regular meditation helps its practitioner focus, making it easier to complete the task at hand and concentrate better. A focused mind will be able to receive and analyze information better and thus allow the individual to make better decisions.


Your Stress Levels Are Kept At Bay

Let’s face it. The amount of stress that one faces at work can be overwhelming at times. Stress is detrimental to your health as it damages your cells as well as your emotional and psychological well being. At work, stress also affects your performance over time.

Meditation helps you relax, which will help you calm your mind and reduce negative thoughts and emotions. Aside from relaxation, the mindfulness that meditation teaches allows the practitioner to identify their unhelpful patterns of thought that gives rise to stress in the first place. This means that meditation not only helps you reduce stress, it also helps you prevent it.


You Become A Better Leader

How you behave at work matters as a leader. A great leader is an individual who has a great relationship with his or her subordinates as well as has the ability to connect and empathize with colleagues.

Just by sitting still and breathing consciously for a few minutes each day, you will be able to enhance your capabilities to feel compassion and empathy for others. While it has not been thoroughly studied why meditation builds compassion, many conducted experiments have showed that those who meditate – even for a mere eight weeks – have more capacity for compassion than those who didn’t.


You Have Better Stamina

While it may sound strange to say that meditation helps increase energy and stamina, the fact is, it does! This happens in a few ways, but essentially stems from the reduction of stress.

Stress increases cortisol levels, which increases blood pressure and inhibits sleep. Those who suffer from stress also usually suffer from insomnia, resulting in lack of proper rest. A lack of rest doesn’t allow for the body to replenish its energy levels, causing the individual to have less energy for work in the day.

Through meditation, you gain relaxation – which is a vital element to inhibiting cortisol levels in the body – and attaining better sleep.


You Are More Creative

A great way to shine at work is to be innovative and creative and to think outside the box. How does meditation help you become more creative? Often times, our creativity is suppressed due to the fact that our mind is filled with endless thoughts and distractions – both positive and negative.

Meditation helps you clear your mind, allowing your mind more space for new ideas. Meditation teaches you to observe your thoughts, which helps you see things from a different perspective altogether.

Are you feeling stressed at work and are looking for a way to relax? Meditation is the answer for you! Join a meditation retreat and experience relaxation like never before!


About the Author

Elaine Clara Mah is a Contributing Writer for She is a firm believer in meditation and sets aside at least an hour a day for silence.