The IQ of Americans has steadily risen over the last 100 years, with the average person having a higher IQ in 2012 than 95 percent of the population had in 1900. This is due to the industrialization of America and the need for cognitive thinking in many job roles.

So, what benefits does it have to know your score when it comes to work and performance? Leaders and teams can identify:

  • Areas of strength in intelligence and performance
  • Areas where special requirements, improvements or adjustments are necessary
  • Areas of special need or learning difficulty
  • New ways of thinking for innovation
  • Appropriate career paths

Knowing your IQ score doesn’t have to limit you. Instead, it can actually help you to understand the way you problem solve and even discover new ways of thinking. To help people discover their own IQ, Jane King, over at has created a guide on the different IQ tests available. You can read the guide here: