So, you get into the office for the 9am start but then you look at the clock and realize an hour has gone past and you’ve still not properly started work. Sound familiar? If it does, then you may have a case of the procrastinator.

The dictionary definition of procrastination is to put something off and delay it till another day or time and as easy as that sounds, it’s not very productive and seriously cause destruction in the work day – especially when you’ve got a fair few tasks left to complete.

But fear not, as we can all be guilty of procrastinating from time to time and there are some great methods out there to help us beat the procrastinator blues. John Perry famously wrote about how to procrastinate and still get things done in which he poses the possibility of making the bad trait of putting things off somehow manage to work for you, in a structured way.

Perry’s suggestion is to establish a list of the tasks needed to complete, in order of importance and deadline. The procrastinator will probably do the tasks on the lower end of the list as they are still worthwhile, and by doing this the list will shorten. By definition, the fewer tasks on the list will equal the most important. When the smaller tasks are done, the only way to avoid doing these important tasks would be to do nothing and he argues that procrastinators don’t like doing nothing.

Parcel Hero has created a super useful infographic that lets us work out which type of procrastinator we might be, based on our usual working-life habits. Have a look below at which procrastinator you might be and then follow the suggested tips on how to still get things done.

What Type of Procrastinator Are You? [Infographic]