There are many things to consider when thinking about moving for a job – will your salary increase?

Is the job closer or farther away from your family and friends? Can you afford living expenses? And of course, is it a job you will enjoy at a company you like?

With so many things to consider, you need to tackle this decision step by step because looking at the big picture can get overwhelming!

So, let’s start at the beginning. Take a hard look at the job offer. Is it an offer you have been looking for? Will there be a significant increase in your income?  Do you like the job and what it entails?

Learn From Scenarios

Sometimes, it’s easier to learn from example. So, let’s think about two scenarios:

Scenario 1 – You’ve been working in marketing as an analyst for a small company for 5+ years attempting to work your way up the ladder. You have been offered a Marketing Director position with a 20% increase and a great bonus at a different company, but the position is in another state.

Scenario 2 – You just started working in a business that’s closing and relocating across the country.   The offer is only a 5% increase and the town is more expensive than the one you are currently living in.  Plus, your title will remain the same.

Scenario 1 sounds much better than scenario 2, right? That’s because it is. Scenario 1 offers more in terms of job opportunities and salary, whereas scenario 2 requires a huge life change with little to no compensation.

Saying “YES” to Scenario 1 because the job sounds great is understandable, but you should take a step back and think about the personal effects this career move will have on your lifestyle.  Are you single living in an apartment working solely on your career and ready for an adventure or change of scenery? This job relocation is perfect for you!

But if you’re in a serious relationship, engaged or married you have someone else to think about.  Can your significant other find a job in your new town? If their skills are easily transferable, then why not take advantage of this great career opportunity for yourself? If not, and their current job is stable, it’s probably not a good idea to take the job.

What if you’re married and have a family? This is another very important thing to think about.  It all depends on the ages and schooling requirements of your children. Also take into consideration the presence of extended family.  Are you close with family that lives near you? The closer you are with family members the harder it will be to take the safety and security of loved ones away from your family.

On the flip side, did you just have a baby and you don’t have family around? Relocation for a new job is something to consider.  If you have older children with friends, sports and family nearby, it’s most likely not worth it. It all depends on how tight knit your family is.

Remember, jobs will come and go, but family is forever. Put your family first. At the same time, if your kids are young or they aren’t involved much in the community OR if they can tell that you’re unhappy on a daily basis, take the job and do something for yourself. Also, if a new job means future financial security for your family, you have to consider the long-term benefits of relocating.

What Else to Consider

These two scenarios don’t cover everything. So, here are some more things to consider when thinking about relocating for a job:

What is the position? Does the job come with greater responsibility? Ask yourself, is this a vertical career move or a lateral one?
What is the salary? Is there a bonus structure, what are the hours and are their incentives like company trips?
Research the company – How long has it been around? Is it growing? It is an ethical, community driven company?
Research the area – Can you afford a house in your new town? Can you even afford an apartment? Are there good schools? Is it city or country? What are some fun things to do there?
Why are you leaving? Are you looking to escape something or someone? Or are you trying to start over? Are you leaving for, what you consider, the right reasons?
Family and Friends – Who will you be leaving behind? Is it worth it? Or no?

Before you make any rash decisions, think about everything outlined in this post and do some research.  Yes there are jobs out there that are worth relocating for, but at the same time there are many that aren’t.

Think long and hard about this – you might even want to try making a chart of the pros and cons.  Then give each pro and con a rating of importance and see if the pro or the con side rates higher.  This is an awesome way to make your decision.

Whatever you decide, do what’s right for you and your family! Good luck!

Author Bio

Tara Chila, blogger for Transit Systems, Inc., writes mostly about moving, travel, house & home, kids, parenting, and recipes. Transit Systems specializes in a variety of shipping and moving services including international shipping.