Do you have family that lecture you about the correct way to do your job, or in-laws at family dinners who never stop talking? These are all indicators of the DISC style they exhibit.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I had several opportunities to sit down and reflect on just how unique each of my family members are. I realized, knowing their DISC styles really helps everyone get along and enjoy their time together.

So, before we all start our summer vacations, I thought it would be nice to share a few scenarios families go through that demonstrate what DISC style your Dad, Mom, brother, or sister may have.

If you are unfamiliar with DISC, we have a crash course you can skim here.

Doing the Dishes…
  • The D gives the orders, makes sure the work is getting done, and isn’t afraid to call you out if you’re slacking.
  • The I is happy doing the work as long as they are working with others as well.  They’ll turn it into a social thing.
  • The S takes their time, soaks the dishes first and lets the soap do the work.  They’re okay with the boys crashing on the couch to enjoy the game.
  • The C will have a process for doing the dishes.  They will want the dishes washed a certain way, the dishwasher stacked in order, and the drying done to their standards.
Going to the Movies
  • The D will be very vocal as to which movies they are interested in.  If they are the only one in the group who doesn’t want to see that chick flick, they’ll let it be known.
  • The I‘s are the one’s who talk the group into seeing a movie.  They’ll be less picky about what the movie is as long as the company is good.
  • The S is there for the ride.  They’ll likely keep their movie choice to themselves and go along with the majority.  They’ll be flexible to meet the family’s needs for the location and time of the movie they are seeing.
  • The C will want to know all the details ahead of time.  When is the movie, what theater, how many tickets for adults, children, students, is it the cheapest, closest, best value?
Going Grocery Shopping
  • D‘s are notorious impulse shoppers.  They know what they like and just want to be in and out of the store.
  • The I will try to convince you to fill your cart with the things they want.  They’ll talk and talk as you go down the isles and may just end up boring or annoying you with unnecessary details.
  • The S brings a list with them.  They aren’t in a rush and will make sure the trip is done right to avoid accidentally missing anything.
  • The C will go store to store if it means a better deal for their needed items.  They’ll carry coupons and double check pricing as they shop.
Taking Family Road Trips
  • The D may speed when the road is light.  They don’t take many rest stops and are all about getting to the destination quickly.
  • The I keeps the conversation going after everyone else is falling asleep.  They’ll sing out loud to the radio, play games, and bring energy to the trip.
  • The S comes prepared for the trip.  They’ll have sandwiches packed, drinks in coolers, and plenty of entertainment the whole family can enjoy.  They’ll prefer a nice familiar route to their destination.
  • The C dissects the map for any shortcuts.  They’ll have certain ideas about how people should eat in the car.  They’ll want the trip to follow the route exactly.
Playing Board Games
  • The D will be very competitive.  If they lose too much, it can make them upset.  They won’t like waiting for people to take their turn.
  • The I might get distracted in conversations instead of the game if it doesn’t involve much talking.  They’ll like party games or games with lots of interaction.
  • The S will not like being rushed when taking their turn.  They prefer being on a team then having to make decisions on their own.
  • The C will analyze the rules ahead of time.  If someone does something remotely suspicious, they’ll be the first to call them out for cheating.

Understanding each others’ DISC style will help you adjust your behavior appropriately in order to keep them happy.  Stick to business when dealing with your D’s, be warm and conversational with your I’s, don’t rush an S, give the C the answers they are looking for.

These are just a few examples of the behaviors demonstrated by the different DISC styles.  If you would like to find out which style you are, please call us at 1-877-523-0212 to speak with someone who can get you a DISC Assessment.

image courtesy of Paul-W