Value Based Networking

The practices and techniques of building high value, mutually beneficial business relationships

Value Based Networking (VBN) is the definitive authority on how to cultivate mutually beneficial, win-win business relationships.

In practice, VBN involves determining your networking purpose, defining possible contacts, developing a plan of action and committing the time and energy necessary to produce meaningful results. It’s about creating and actively maintaining relationships where you can help others achieve their goals and they can help you achieve yours. And it’s defined by the sharing of ideas, information, and resources.

From the expert minds behind BalancedWorkLife, one of the nation’s premier career and executive coaching consultants, this workbook and audio CD series will teach you the principles and practices of VBN in a manner and at a pace that suits your experience and lifestyle.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

1. The Basics: What is Value Based Networking? Why is it important? How to begin

We start off by exploring the definition of Value Based Networking (VBN) and how networking in this way can become one of your most valuable career assets. We then begin helping you build your VBN knowledge and skill set by guiding you in how to identify your relevant networks, reach out to them, and begin adding/receiving value from them.

2. Beyond the Basics of Identification, Access, and Value

The second segment helps you fine tune your approach and bring your VBN skills to the next level.

3. Setting Yourself up to Succeed

The third segment contains modular information to help you hone your skills, depending on your job and areas where you may need extra help. For example, we discuss VBN in the context of large matrix organizations, and we provide ideas for leveraging VBN when you’re in a sales job. We help you test your attitude, and give you tools to build your VBN confidence level.

Who is Value Based Networking for?

Knowing how to network effectively is a skill everybody needs, no matter their job or career.

We’ve seen numerous examples of positive correlations between career success and the number and quality of the relationships people have in their networks. Value Based Networking will help you develop the knowledge and practices you need to network in a way that will truly benefit your career for a long time to come.

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