What steps do you take each day to ensure you can succeed at work in the most productive, fulfilling way possible? Probably you pay a lot of attention to the tools you use, the environment that you work in, and the way you interact with your colleagues. These are all great, constructive approaches to take, but many of today’s most ambitious careerists are overlooking a fundamental aspect of their daily routine: break time.

Research has shown that taking just a thirty-second break can improve your productivity by up to 13%, while snatching as little 15 seconds away from your computer screen can halve your fatigue. That’s handy when you’ve got a deadline creeping up on you and you’re in a bind, but what about regular daily work? Well, scheduling proper breaks into your day involves a bit of self-knowledge. You should try to take five for every 25 minutes or so that you work: whether you save it up and use it all after ninety minutes in the zone depends on what works for you.

And you needn’t feel guilty about resting, either. If the knowledge that taking time out will, by itself, improve your productivity is not enough, try to maximize those breaks by using them smartly. Try reading, watching an informative video or doing a puzzle to sharpen up your mind for your return to the fold. Think about doing some stretches or going for a walk, as the way you treat your body will be reflected in your confidence and in the way your brain functions.

This visual guide offers a range of solutions for those who wish to use the science of taking breaks to be more productive. Check it out on your next five-minute breather, and you’ll be sure to see the benefits in progression of your career.