Chances are, if you’re connected to the internet you might have seen a viral video pass your way of Joey DeFrancesco quitting his job at a Hotel…using a marching band.

This got me thinking, “I’m sure Joey isn’t the first, nor will be the last to try to go out in style.”

So I searched and dug through some of the most moronic, crazy, and clever (but still stupid) ways people have quit their jobs.


#1. Don’t Invite the High School Marching Band

#2. Don’t Quit Via Dry Erase Board

Yes I know this was a hoax, but it was still a very creative, yet destructive way to quit.

#3. Don’t Blast a Beat While You Rock Out Your Quitting Anthem

#4.  Don’t Quit in a Thong…Seriously

#5.  Don’t Quit on the Air During a Live Broadcast

#6.  Don’t Quit Using the Company Intercom Then Run Around Like a Mad Man

#7.  Don’t Quit Using Your Company’s Readerboard

Do You Have a Story?

I’m certain these aren’t the only crazy stories of people quitting their jobs in stellar fashion.  If you have witnessed someone quitting in a less than typical method, I’d love to hear in the comments.