Tips for Working Remotely

Your custom report should be in your email by now. Open it up and read the second page suggestions to help you work more effectively from a home location.

Which ideas standout to you? Which ones could you implement today?

Spend 5 minutes now and think through the following questions:

Question 1
A combination of different behavioral styles in one place can sometimes cause some friction. Can you think of three things that you do that you can be more aware of to reduce friction in your household?

Question 2
Communication is key to resolving, and even preventing, conflict. Now that you’ve identified a few ways there is friction, what are a few ways you can start adapting to the people around you? List your top three ideas here.

Question 3
Your needs are just as important as the people around you, even if you may sometimes feel like you are a priority. If you’re working from home, sometimes children, spouses or housemates don’t quite get the memo that you’re trying to get work done. Can you think of a few ways you can communicate your needs to the people around you?

Here are some hints… just complete the sentences.

  • I find I am less productive when ___________________________________________________.
  • To increase my productivity, I would appreciate ____________________________________.
  • It makes me feel frustration when __________________________________________________.
  • Do you think we could work together to find balance by _____________________________?
  • It’s rough right now and I’m having a hard time with __________________________________.
  • Can we talk about doing ______________________________________ to help us both adjust?

Question 4
What can you do to improve your physical environment at home? Select all that apply.

  • Designate a ‘Work From Home’ spot.
  • Tidy up communal areas.
  • Follow a routine.
  • Check in with coworkers and loved ones on web chat.
  • Exercise daily.

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