You know that when you have a specific role to play in a company or are a highly paid professional but have difficulty finding a job that fits, that it is time to seek out the best staffing agency.

This is mainly because staffing agencies give you invaluable guidance and assist you with information that is essential to your job search. Their database of reputed employers is a result of the years of research conducted and their relationship with these companies. This is especially true when you want to relocate and seek a similar profile to the one you have currently.

Staffing agencies also invest in you by training you to be the best possible candidate for a job with added benefits like customizing your resume to fit the role and negotiating your salary.

You will also get help looking for temporary placements whilst you are studying. It is possible that these placements may result into permanence and aid you in the career you already preparing for.

Tips for selecting the best staffing agency:

  • The agency’s record of success – Ask the staffing agency to show you a list of candidates that they have placed with a particular client. This will help you gauge their success rate.
  • The agency’s follow-up process – The most popular complaint with staffing agencies is that they do not do a proper follow-up with prospective candidates. It is always good to know what to expect from the recruiter.
  • Online presence of the staffing agency – It is not a good sign if the staffing agency does not have a website that is functional or then has an unprofessional approach if they have no social media presence.
  • Knowledge over the phone – It is important that the representative sounds knowledgeable over the phone. Not being aware of the details in the candidate’s resume or the client’s specific needs shows unprofessionalism. A good agency would match your requirements with the recruiter’s and ask all the relevant questions.

While a commission fee is something most people don’t bother finding out in the initial stages it is an important discussion to have before engaging a staffing agency. Most agencies charge a fee for their services rendered and it is only fair considering the coaching and advice they provide for the best job placements. But they also have companies as clients which more often than not carry the burden of the staffing agency’s fee or commission.

Here are the important benefits of hiring a reputed staffing agency:

  • Companies hire them – For lack of time and resources big companies hire staffing agencies to screen and shortlist candidates for their requirements. This saves time and also it leaves the responsibility of matching the candidates’ abilities with the employer’s expectations in the hands of the
  • Your success is important – How you look and present yourself reflects on the staffing agency like Staffworks CNY that suggested your resume for the job with prospective employers. Hence grooming your persona and helping you write an impactful resume to come across as a professional is in the interest of the agency.
  • Assisting in negotiations – Because they have to make both employer and candidate happy, staffing agencies will help you negotiate or iron out the smaller details of your job function as smoothly as possible. They are completely in tune with market trends and current pay grades hence their advice is valuable.