We live in a time in which our lives and our careers are completely transfixed and surrounded with technology so when we go on vacation with the intention of chilling out and unwinding, it may be super important for us to turn off our devices.

Not only can a tech-free vacation stop us from getting distracted and continually ‘logged on’, there are also some scientifically researched benefits for doing so too. For example, tech-free vacations will help to promote healthier and better sleeps, foster a healthy work/life balance and can also help to improve our mental clarity and concentration.

The latest infographic from Modis looks at some of the pros of having a tech-free vacation every now and again. When we are constantly checking our phones, it can disrupt our social life as well as our sleep patterns and can also make us feel less motivated. By removing these tech obstacles out of our life, just even for a short while, means we can enjoy ourselves better and return clarity in our life. Something we must all agree we could do with more of in our life!

How can we go about making sure our vacation is tech-free and that we’re able to resist temptation? The infographic suggests leaving your phone at home when going shopping, to ease out your reliance and dependency on the device before heading on holiday. Sometimes, the only option is to completely strip out all technology and heading to a remote location that doesn’t have good connections to the world of technology and the internet might be the way to go.

Have a look at the infographic below for some great suggestions on how to have a tech-free vacation and to properly chill out and unwind during your time off work.

The Pros of a Tech-Free Vacation (Infographic)