When I came across this graphic on the web I knew I’d have to share this on our site. A big part of getting to the next level of our careers is to master the “maturity climb”.

I find it interesting that age has nothing to do with maturity. An eighty year old Walmart greeter can be just as immature as the 16 year old hanging out in the video game section.

I’ve seen this in my own group of friends, as I’m sure each of you has.

Click on the image below to see it in it’s entirety, I’ve also summarized the different points as a reminder to myself what true maturity looks like.

The Maturity Climb (A Visualization)

The Bottom of the Maturity Climb

1. Can’t Admit Responsibility

2. Has to be Right

3. Takes Out Problems on Others

4. Takes Everything Personally

5. Knows Everything

6. Entitled

7. Thinks It’s About Age

8. Sees No Flaws

9. Is Afraid

10. Tells

11. Focuses on Differences

12. Can’t Admit Responsibility

13. Blames World For Problems

14. Assumes the Worst of Everyone

15. Scorns Others Efforts

Half Way There

1. Scorns Indolence

2. Does it Anyway

3. Wants to Fix Them

4. Obsessed with Questioning

5. Knows That It Bloody Well Isn’t (About Age)

6. Asks

6. Is Built For Climbing

At the Top

1. Wants to Help

2. Focuses on Having Friends

3. Respects Others’ Intelligence

4. Obsessed with Facts

5. Talks Out Problems With Others

6. Knows Nothing

7. Understands

8. Grateful

9. Isn’t Afraid to Fail

10. Knows Limits

11. Assumes as Little As Possible

12. Blames Self for World

Your Turn

What do you think is true maturity? Do you agree or disagree with any of these statements?