Even if you’re enthused about your  job overall, chances are you can easily find a few things to complain about.

An annoying co-worker? Outdated equipment you wish they’d replace? Maybe you have an especially uncomfortable chair.

There’s always something.

Until you come face to face with a really terrible job. Like the airport security guy pictured here, who spends his time either bored out of his mind, or hunting through people’s luggage and finding things he’d rather not see.

That’s when we realize we might be sweating the small stuff about our job a little too much.

JobsInTown.de, a job board site in Germany ran a fantastic campaign that reminded me just how thankful I should be.

Their main message was “Life’s too short for the wrong job.” And we couldn’t agree more.

But if you happen to be in the right job – with just a few minor things you don’t love about it – then take a moment to feel grateful that you’re not in the wrong one.

Enjoy these images of jobs-worse-than-yours and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!




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 Images courtesy of jobsintown.de