This infographic was created by AssignmentMasters human resources professionals who have years of experience in job market analysis. Below you will find the list of TOP 10 in-demand professions and needed skills if you are willing to work in the US or UK markets. This list will help you to make a decision towards your future career and acquire skills needed for the position before you choose the particular position.

Whether you are planning to become a specialist in the medical and nursing fields or see yourself in information technology and computer sciences, after reviewing this infographic, you will be able to prepare yourself for your future. Additionally, you will find information about salaries and major responsibilities in each particular area. Of course, salaries provided are average on the market, yet, they will help you to decide if your new job is worth your attention or not.

Making the right decision in your future career is an essential part and final step when you are studying in the university or college. We hope that the information collected and prepared for you will help you to get your dream job after graduation. Just find your field of study and check the information provided.

Ten High Paying Jobs in the US and UK (INFOGRAPHIC)