Is it time for you to work for yourself?

Itchy feet? It’s not uncommon to feel unsatisfied by your current position, but it’s rarer that employees find the strength and energy to do something about it. If you feel undervalued, under-challenged or plain old under-paid at your workplace, you need to take definite action rather than hoping the situation will resolve itself. Precisely what that action might involve depends a lot on you. If you’re working within a solid company, in an industry that you’re passionate about, doing work that you would normally enjoy, it could be that you need to have a word with the boss about making your situation better fit your potential. But perhaps you yearn for something else – something more independent.

The changing job market has seen us not just forgo the job for life but, for some, any job at all. Rather, a career has become about creating opportunities, be they fleeting or extended, and making them match our talents and our needs. Whether you’re thinking about going freelance, or curious about starting your own business, these are exciting notions to hold on to. Going it alone doesn’t suit everyone, but if you can make it work for you it can be more satisfying than turning up to work for a disinterested manager day in, day out.

It’s time for some reflection: can you really live from month to month unsure what your income will be – or when it will turn up? Are you ambitious enough to learn the skills that are normally exercised by a number of specifically trained employees in a big firm? Can you take the busts with the booms – both emotionally and financially? They’re big asks, but if you’re ready for the challenge it could prove the turning point in your promising career. For a bit more insight into how to approach the decision, check out the flowchart below by Business Backer – and be sure to check out some of the ideas for making the transition to independence as smooth as possible.

Should You Work For Yourself? (INFOGRAPHIC)