Remember what it was like when you first got your job?  

You were excited, thrilled, proud.  The opportunities were just starting and you could finally relax a moment from the job search routine.

But what happened?  Did the passion eventually die down?  Did you start to resent your managers or the ownership?  Did coworkers start feeling more like sharks than friends?

There’s probably a reasonable part of your body that tells you your job isn’t that bad.  There are lots of good things about it.  If only you had the passion you once did for your job.

The good news is you can.  With a little motivation and work, you can reignite that passion once again.

Here’s how.

Create a Vision (and stick to it)

Disney World was a vision of Walt Disney. He planned it and got working on it. Unfortunately, he died before the park opened. At Disney World’s opening, a person remarked ‘Too bad Walt isn’t here to see this’. Roy, Walt’s brother responded saying that Walt had seen it and that’s why the park was there.

Another visionary was Einstein who literally created a comedy of errors before he struck e=mc2. His attempts were described by some as a ‘stock to mock at.’ Despite all the mocking and struggles, Einstein kept focused on his vision and had a remarkable career.

These are just a few examples of how a vision can keep your passions going.

A vision gives you clarity and a staunch belief in yourself. Before creating your vision, you may be aware that the road will be bumpy, but you still persevere. Don’t you?

Once you are working towards turning your vision into reality, there will be moments of bumpiness.

It is at such moments you need to re-visualise your vision and believe that you’re on the right path. Fulfilling passions needs patience!

You Are What You Eat

The food that you eat not only contributes to your physical body, but also your moods and motivation levels. The food that is consumed changes the chemical composition of your brain. This affects your alertness and clarity levels and the way you perceive situations.

Therefore, it is important to have a balanced diet (preferably home-cooked) because it contains proteins, carbs and vitamins in right proportions (and you know clean hands have cooked it!). These nutrients trigger the release of insulin, which helps in clearing out amino acids from the bloodstream except tryptophan. This ‘T’ element – tryptophan is converted into serotonin.

Now, serotonin levels affect the way you feel. If it’s low, you feel like an irritable and depressed soul and hear yourself saying ‘Why am I doing this job?’ Get your hands on serotonin-releasing foods like cereals, oats and whole wheat bread. Clutch proteins to feel more alert on the job. Once you’re alert, you can grasp information faster.

And we all know, bosses love employees who absorb information quickly!

Treat Yourself

Waiting for your boss or colleagues to validate your efforts may take too long. What you can do is after successfully finishing a challenging project, treat yourself with what you like. A weekend trip? A safari? A day at the spa?

Or maybe just a night filled with popcorn and a funny movie. This will make you realise that you’re successfully crossing steps that will ultimately lead you to the bigger step of higher success.

Exercise (But Not Necessarily at a Gym)

The reason everyone around is talking about ‘exercising’ and ‘staying fit’ does have validation. It isn’t just a ‘buzz’ to flaunt. Exercise has shown to positively affect mental health. A peaceful mind is helpful for working towards your goals without giving up.

And don’t fret! You can achieve peaceful mental health even if you don’t work out in a gym.

A study conducted in the American College of Sports Medicine showed a mitigation of stress and irritability in women who had been diagnosed with anxiety disorder after six weeks of bicycle riding and weight training.

Researchers at the University of Glasglow found something on similar lines; activities carried out in the nature (parks/ forests) resulted in positive effects on stress and fatigues.

A 40-minute yoga session for the busy guys and a 20-minute meditation session for the busier ones can bring out mental stability. When mental health is in place, anything is possible because everything is controlled by the mind.

Don’t Stop the Learning

Having the ‘I know it all attitude’ will make you feel stagnated, not only in your work sphere but also in all of your life spheres. The moment you believe you have mastered everything possible; you stop the search, the excitement and the need to experiment.

Knowing that there is a lot more to master will help you keep your determination, perseverance and dedication alive. It would be nice to follow what Mahatma Gandhi said, Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” 

Enhance Your Environment

Following the same routine daily can no doubt get to one’s nerves. The environment in which you work needs to revamp up to some extent.

  • Pin photos, quotes or anything else that cheers you on the board above your desk.
  • Get in some fancy stationary.
  • Buy new office wear. This can totally motivate you to wake up to get decked up for work.
  • Suggest your team that all of you could celebrate festivals and birthdays to keep productivity and motivation levels soaring high.
Life Outside Work

‘I don’t have one!’ Is that what you just said? Well, you should get one. Now don’t say you don’t have the time for it. Work isn’t designed to turn people into slogging robots.

  • Waking up an hour early can give you an hour to pursue a fitness sport that you enjoy.
  • Hear lively and jovial music on your way to work. Music helps to get you in mood.
  • Now let’s get to socializing? If you return late from work, get your hands on Skype until the weekend when you physically meet your gang.

The most important aspect is to be clear. Catherine Reyes, a spiritual healer and counselor says one must know why they are doing a job. You must ask yourself if it is your passion or is it for the money. Or is it both?

Once the purpose is clear, you can be dedicated towards it, irrespective of the roadblocks. This clarity helps you pull up your socks and motivation levels when the graph starts going down. So, now it’s time to continue the walk towards success.

About the author: Adana is a professional blogger and currently writes blogs and articles for Pender Medi Spa, a Vancouver Botox medi spa that specializes in Botox treatments in Vancouver.

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