The process of applying and interviewing for a job entirely revolves around professional and related previous experiences.

What this means is that in any workplace, the staff are all there because they share one common set of skills.

This is obviously the most sensible way of building a workforce in any industry. However, one thing which it doesn’t totally account for is the many different personalities within the team.

While a team of employees may all share the same professional skill set, it in no way guarantees that they have anything else in common.

This sometimes means that there can be somewhat of a clash of personalities, something which no one really wants in the workplace.

There’s a handy post on The Muse which discusses exactly this difficult situation and how you can attempt to navigate these tricky situations.

In any workplace, it becomes quite easy for employees to pigeonhole each other for their differing characteristics.

We all know how easy it can be to apply a stereotype to someone who has a particular quirk or two. However, have you ever stopped to think what your colleagues think of you?

Now you can find out what stereotype is attached to you by answering a few simple questions on a new infographic from

It’s called ‘Which Office Stereotype Are You? and you can try it for yourself by taking a look below.