Going for an interview is exciting but at the same time, it is nerve racking to say the least. You want the job but you have to get through the interview first. Experts will advise on what to wear and what to do but passing the interview begins way before you step in to face the panel of interviewers. It is important to enter the interview room armed with information that will help you pass the interview.

The hard part is not when you have to talk about your skills and education. This is information you already have and it is easy to relay it. The hard part comes when you have to answer questions relating to the prospective employer as well as how they will apply to the overall interview. You can get the information from the company website as well as from other sources such as newspaper articles.

The information will help you find ready answers to interview questions. You will be able to portray more confidence as you will feel less nervous. Being inadequately prepared adds to the anxiety and this eats away at the confidence that you will show. Here are just a few pointers on what you need to know before you attend the interview.

  • Company’s products or services

This information is important as it shows that you have a deeper interest in the company beyond just getting a job. Get as much as you can on the company’s operations, as this will help you understand how the company works. You can use this information to answer interview questions in context of the company. The information is also useful as you can find material to ask questions on at the end of the session.

  • Policies and other information relevant to your area of expertise

Find out more on the policies and procedures the company has in place especially those relating to your niche of expertise. This will help you to answer questions especially those tricky scenario ones. You can apply the procedures and policies that the company already uses to answer questions that require a more technical response. For example, if you are a human resource expert, you can answer more accurately when you receive a query on what to do when dealing with a complicated employee case.

  • Any issues or challenges the company is facing and how your expertise can help address them

Try to find out if the company is facing any specific challenges or issues. You can then be in a position to answer questions in this context which might win you points. This is especially when you require matching your expertise with the needs that the company has.

Most employers are looking to match employees with the existing work environment and knowing how to apply your skills in the interview is a very big plus. If you cannot directly find out the problems that the company is facing, find out challenges companies in this industry face and work them into your answers.


Alex Truman is aware that most people fail interviews because they lacked relevant information. He has many other useful tips that you can use as well as more information on national debt relief.