You’re not happy in your job, and you’re afraid to make a move?

Sometimes when we feel really stuck it just takes a little motivation to generate powerful action.

Compelling, inspiring speeches can do just that.

Here are 5 motivational speeches for anyone considering a career change.

Steve Jobs – “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”

Steve Job’s speech at Stanford University in 2005 might just bring you to tears.

Although he was diagnosed with cancer at the time, Jobs still accepted the invitation to give a commencement speech. In it, he shared some meaningful stories that changed his life.

The tech guru talks about life and connecting the dots, love, loss and death. His intention was to motivate students to stay confident and believe in themselves.

The speech is powerful, and emotional. Jobs’ main advice for his audience is to have trust. Believe in something, and eventually you’ll attain your goals.

Apple’s founder was a creative genius, a visionary and a revolutionary innovator. People of all ages should listen to his speech because it’s not just motivating, it is life-changing.

Sheryl Sandberg: Too Few Women Leaders

Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg held an extremely motivating speech at the TED Conference in 2010.

She talked about women, and about the fact that very few modern women are successful business individuals. Sheryl is extremely charismatic, and she emphasizes that although we live in a contemporary society where women have rights and are independent, there are still issues about creating successful careers.

Jeff Bezos – “Cleverness is a Gift, Kindness is a Choice”

Founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, delivered an engaging and inspiring keynote speech for graduates at the Princeton University.

He talked about main differences between choices in life and gifts in life. Bezos encourages his audience to use gifts with other people with kindness, and he advises students to do everything in their power to succeed.

This speech is moving, bold and expressive. Bezos wants to help people make a choice and decide between a life of ease and a life of service. What will it be? Sometimes making a career change is the right thing to do, you just need someone to convince you take that leap of faith.

Oprah Winfrey – “Failure is Just Another Step to Achieve Greatness”

Oprah Winfrey presented a riveting commencement speech in 2008, at Stanford University.

In it, she shared a wealth of life-related and work-related experiences, and focused on the infinite learning opportunities we have in life.

She believes that success can be achieved only if you remain open-minded, focused, and enthusiastic. Self-improvement is the key to success. Winfrey emphasized that people should learn a lesson from everything they do because those lessons will eventually shape and define their personality and their beliefs.

J.K Rowling – “Failure is Necessary to Truly Get to Know Yourself”

British novelist J.K. Rowling is best known for her Harry Potter books.

She gave an unbelievable speech at the Harvard University wherein she talked about the importance of imagination and the great benefits of failure.

Rowling used powerful words to motivate the audience, and she didn’t hesitate to admit that her personal failures helped build and shape her success.

If you’re looking to switch careers but you’re scared of disappointment, listening to this amazing speech will boost your confidence as Rowling explains her view that failure is the whole point of living.

Are you thinking of switching careers? Do you want something more from life but you’re scared of taking a risk? Check out the above mentioned speeches for a boost of confidence.

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