Today we are pleased to have a guest post from Ikuto.

So you have landed that dream job of yours that gives you the opportunity to apply your skills and make a fair amount of money.

Everything seems to be going very well at first, but then you find that the work you do can be repetitive at times, you’re no longer challenged and your days start to all look the same.

You start to feel like you should have chosen a different career or company, as you are no longer challenged and coming to work no longer holds the enthusiasm it once did.

Your personality becomes more negative, your motivation suffers and your job performance decreases, and you feel that without a change, you will never keep your sanity in this dull working environment you have found yourself stuck in.

A lot of people feel this way, especially if they had very big ideas and dreams about their new job. In this situation, you have two choices. Either you accept your fate in limbo and focus only on your income and become a work zombie, or you make a change.

This does not mean bursting into your boss’s office and demanding changes, or even quitting your job for a different one. It means making small changes every day that will positively affect your work environment.

Busting Out of the Work Routine

People are creatures of habit and this means that it is easy for you to fall into patterns without noticing it. Routine is a good thing to keep you on track but it is the factor that contributes the most to a dull working environment.

For example, in banking jobs, you have set hours. Each day you arrive the same time. Give a quick greeting to your co-workers. You sit all day behind a desk doing the same work and interacting with customers, each time greeting them in the same way. You do this until the day ends, you pack up your stuff, and leave. And you do this every day. Even if the job is financially rewarding, it does not sound very exciting.

Changing your pattern will be a great way to motivate yourself and even your colleagues. Before you go to your desk and make a cup of coffee. Stop by your co-workers desks, greet them properly, and chip in a comment about the weather or that awful coffee you have just taken a sip of.

Take irregular breaks, use a blue pen instead of a black one, drink tea or fruit juice instead of coffee. Even try and greet every fifth customer or so in a different way. These small changes might not seem like much, but they keep your brain stimulated and will help you get out of your rut.

Changing Your Work Place Environment

Changing your environment will make a big difference to your sanity. This is especially true in accounting jobs, where you stare at numbers and calculations for most of the day.

Add photos of you loved ones or pets to your desk. Likewise, a pretty plant can make the day more appealing.

Bright colors are a great way to make things more interesting and stimulate your brain, so use colorful pens, or get yourself an interesting mug for your coffee.

Another way to stop feeling down in a dull environment is to make sure it is brightly lit. People like light, and a well-lit work environment will help you stay motivated and feel more positive.

Tricks to Staying Positive

Having a positive attitude will immediately affect your work and your environment, and others will pick up on your mood.

Government, accounting, and finance jobs may have you working with a lot of negative people, but it’s important to remember why you chose a career in these fields in the first place.

The best way to keep your sanity is to make sure that your co-workers do as well. Smiling and engaging in conversations will help the office feel like a more positive and inspiring place to work.

Another good way to improve your environment is to help others out with their job as this will make the day more positive for them and engaging for you.

You can also approach your boss and ask how you can contribute more, or what advice he has to improve your work.

Conquering the Boredom

So to summarize here’s a list you can use to liven up a dull work place.

1. Change your routine in small ways

2. Decorate your office space

3. Add more light to your workspace

4. Surround yourself in bright colors

5. Buy a plant

6. Add photos to your desk

7. Practice smiling more

8. Help others with their projects

9. Ask your boss for input

10. Take irregular breaks

Hope these tips can inspire a little more light in your day.

Have any tricks that add cheer to your office? Share them in the comments below.

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Ikuto is an expert writer who produces content on a variety of topics. He particularly specialises in writing career tips and tricks for people looking for work across the job sector spectrum.