Does your profile need a LinkedIn makeover?

How many times have you told yourself you really needed to create a LinkedIn profile, but haven’t done it?

Maybe you started making your profile but never quite finished it.

Or maybe you finished your profile a year ago, but it’s terribly outdated now.

If this sounds like any thing you’ve said before you might want to check out what we have for you today.

Last week we ran a special webinar called “How to Give Your LinkedIn Profile the Ultimate Makeover.”  The feedback was fantastic and several people asked for a recording and when we could do it again.

I know many of our readers here didn’t get a chance to attend, so I’ve made the recording available for you to enjoy.

What We Covered in Our LinkedIn Makeover

In the webinar we discussed the following topics.

  • What are the LinkedIn best practices for every element of your LinkedIn profile
  • Examples of LinkedIn profiles that nailed it
  • Live critiques of LinkedIn profiles
  • Next steps for taking your profile further
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What people are saying about the LinkedIn Makeover session.

This was a fantastic session.  I have attended LinkedIn related sessions in the past and did not get much from them.  I have a ton of homework following this. Thank you!

– George Watt

Very useful session. Thank you Bryce and Jim and participants. Glad I tuned in.
– Louise Ross
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