Is your business prioritizing employee engagement and workplace happiness? You might not realize it, but the answer is probably no – and you’re definitely not the only one. Around the world, an abysmally low 13% of employees feel actively engaged, while in the US this number sits at 34%.

As a principle, employee engagement attempts to understand the relationship between an organisation and its employees. An engaged employee has a positive relationship with their employer – they feel actively involved with and committed to the business and its goals, and work productively to the best standard possible. On the other hand, an actively disengaged employee is more of a burden than an asset; they feel very negatively about their employer and their job, which is ultimately reflected in their work and attitude. They’re the types who are constantly drifting in late, missing deadlines and making their colleagues miserable while they’re at it.

Most people fall somewhere in the middle of this engagement spectrum – they don’t despise their job, but they’re not particularly bothered either. They’ve essentially checked out and are just going through the motions, often lacking in innovation and creativity. And while a single “checked out” employee might not seem like a huge deal, disengaged employees as a whole are costing businesses a fortune. In the US, it’s estimated that every year $550 billion is lost as a direct result of poor employee engagement levels. Beyond financial losses, unhappy employees will also negatively impact your company’s culture and make working there unpleasant even for the staff that are engaged.

Luckily, a disengaged employee is not doomed to stay that way forever. Any employer can make employee engagement a focus and revive their floundering workforce. Take a look at this infographic from Mad Max Adventures which reveals the facts and figures behind the disengagement crisis, as well as some sure-fire tactics to re-engage your workforce.

About the Author: Becca Armstrong-Benson is a content writer at Mad Max Adventures , a carefully designed and purpose built activity center near Edinburgh in Scotland, offering outdoor experiences and team-building days, including archery, quad-biking and clay pigeon hunting.