How to Convince Your Boss You're Ready For a PromotionToday’s guest post comes from Stanley.  Stanley has worked with executive search firms for a number of years and shares his wisdom with us today.

Getting a promotion is a lot like training for a marathon.

Reaching for the top requires stretching and this is never truer than when it involves your chosen career. Mental fitness is as vital as physical fitness when building a noticeable profile.

Convincing your boss that you are the best person to fulfill a particular role within a company does not happen overnight and certainly not to those who only begin their fitness training when a position becomes available.

It happens as the result of a lengthy regiment of commitment and dedication.

Building Business Muscle

Sitting on the sidelines makes you a perfect candidate for being left on the bench while the A-team is out there playing the game. The chosen players will be those who have risen early to get in some extra training and stayed later to do the same.

Don’t ever watch the clock unless it is to ensure you are not late for a business meeting; let the job at hand dictate the hours spent at work. Nothing can be less impressive to a boss than a job that has not been completed because it was knock-off time.

Rushing to reach the finish line before the clock strikes that magical hour will only leave you too short of breath to properly discuss the outcome. Trying to rush the muscle-building procedure usually leads to painful injuries that may cause permanent damage or at the very least, lingering pain. With proper training, you can avoid the danger of an injury becoming a career-ending catastrophe.

Finding Fitness

Personal trainers have long been the instruments of success for athletes and for those dedicated to personal perfection. These are people trained in the art of developing a body’s full and balanced potential.

The mind requires the same level of expertise to work on the weaknesses that can hinder your reasoning abilities and leave you unbalanced and vulnerable in the boardroom. Just as you would reach out for something solid to steady yourself when dizzy, you should reach out for someone who can provide the knowledge that you require for balance.

Never be afraid to ask relevant questions. Far from exposing your ignorance, it shows a willingness to learn and grow. Be the first to sign on for any training courses being offered by a company, or find the courses that will help you to overcome areas that leave you at risk.

Never be wary of sharing your knowledge with other employees; it shows leadership qualities and commitment to a company’s general fitness to perform.

If you are the one to whom others constantly refer for reassurance or advice, it is sure to be noted by those for whom the company’s performance is most vital.

Maintenance Programs

Those on whom responsibility falls, particularly in the business world, know only too well how crucial it is to stay abreast of the constant changes and demands of staying on top. Not the least of these is the almost daily, technological advances being made.

If you hope to succeed in your chosen career, make sure you form a solid partnership with the technology relevant to your company’s business dealings. More and more business is being conducted online and the products and services on offer are becoming increasingly subject to change if a big enough slice of this lucrative market is to be captured and retained.

Promotion within an organization now depends largely on an employee’s ability to perform well in this new business environment.


If promotion depends on staying current, then it obviously requires you to keep a finger on the pulse of change in customer requirements and relationships and the preferred manner in which these are attained.

Results are what capture the attention of the people who answer to shareholders and board members. Making yourself a reliable and effective avenue for current information and strategy will make you highly visible and valuable to those who can reach down a hand to pull you up that slippery corporate ladder.

Author Bio
Stanley Albrighton has worked in the executive search business for a number of years and has been lucky enough to recruit for various international and local organisations. He currently works for Marble Hill Partners, who help provide interim management.