That daily commute to work is usually likely to be filled with yawning and trying to get out of your post-wakeup state with the aim of getting ready for the busy day ahead of work, but did you know that mornings may sometimes be when we are at our most productive?

Getting things done during your commute to work will not only help you start off the day in a better frame of mind, but may also be able to help you complete some of your daily tasks before you have even got into the office.

The latest infographic from ProEssayWriter offers some excellent suggestions on how to be much more productive during your daily commute to work – from listening to empowering and inspirational podcasts to practicing mindfulness.

It’s estimated that we spend an average of 10,634 hours in our lifetime commuting to and from work and the time it takes to commute per day in the UK is even rising each year – It’s now an average of 54 minutes.

Checking your inbox and clearing out those messages you don’t need is a great example of using your commute time wisely. Deleting anything that is spam or doesn’t require action and responding or at least marking up emails that require your attention will mean that once you get to the office, you don’t have to spend the first half an hour going through your inbox and allows you to get a fresh start to the day.

Another suggestion is to get your social media fix well and truly out the way before starting work. If you don’t need to use social networks as part of your job, it’s a great way of stopping yourself from wasting time later on in the day. Interact with relevant people on your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles whilst share and read up on any relevant industry news on apps like Twitter.

Check out the infographic below to find some great solutions to becoming a morning person and being the most productive version of yourself you can be during your commute to work.


How to Be Super Productive During Your Daily Commute to Work