Virtually no one I know would answer that question positively without some humor or qualification.

The reality is that life is about trade-offs we make to achieve what we want. It is about having clear, powerful goals and executing the activities that achieve them. But then why do we come up short?

I could have accomplished more, been more productive if I had had more “Will Power”!

Maybe you have said lines like that to yourself.  Will Power in fact should be the last-ditch effort when all fails; yet many of us start with it. Think of “Will Power” as a muscle you use to fight the triggers in your environment.  The environment you surround yourself with has guided your past. If you want a different result change the environment.

  • Corporate example:  Culture eats strategy for lunch 
  • Personal example: You become who you hang out with 

If you are ready to change your life and take control, I recommend you read Benjamin Hardy’s book:

On a personal note I struggle with diet. I know as I have aged that my body is no longer 100% compatible with my life style. I did a metabolic reset for 8 weeks and many health concerns improved.  Travel and work pressures reverted my habits back to 80% of my old ways and many undesired symptoms returned.  From this book, I now have the information I need to change my environment and habits. It is a choice I can make if I really want a different result.

I am also struggling with the effect that political and cultural news has on my confidence, gratitude and emotions.  The world, and the US in particular, is going through a culture shift that will play out over years. I realize if I dramatically reduce my exposure to the current dialogs I will experience significant benefits.  So how might I change my environment to reduce my exposure to news and social media?

Our coaching and executive development is focused on helping people commit to clear goals and reset their environmental design, so it supports their control of unfolding life and career steps.

Here are some reasons why you are not getting what you want:

  • You don’t know what you want and thus are internally conflicted
  • Your desire for your goals isn’t strong enough
  • You are not invested in yourself and your dreams
  • Your environment opposes your goals

We highly recommend this writer and this book because it could change your beliefs and mind set and it will give you proactive ways you can reset yourself and your environment to favor your success.

Read this book and set up “You 2.0” ready to maximize your life progress going forward.

As one reviewer described the book … “It’s essentially a blueprint for life you can implement.”

Take yourself to the next level … you are worth it … remember this is not your practice life so live it to the fullest.

If video is your preferred way of learning here is a one hour interview with the author discussing his concepts.