We all have habits good and bad, but which habits do you need in order to be successful and which should you drop that are making you less successful?

In today’s infographic from Success Stories we learn just that.

The ability to take calculated risks, smart problem handling skills, work passionately and with commitment, and learning from mistakes the others’ experience is what makes successful people different from others. Smart and ethical work practices, respect for colleagues, the desire to help others, soft skills of instilling motivation and desire to succeed in their teams, and willingness to grow with times – all are vital ingredients of the perfect success recipe. Why fear change when it’s inevitable, why procrastinate, why meet situations without preparations – when all these habits are telltale signs of failure? On the other hand, unsuccessful people waste their energies over idle gossiping, small talk, aimless efforts, criticizing others, when they can actually savor the flavors of success by adopting the habits of successful people.

Take a quick look at the infographic below and think about any habits you might want to acquire and which to drop.

Habits of Unsuccessful People Vs Successful People [Infographic]