The employment landscape has changed significantly over the last decade. Many new businesses have been created and expanded to service the needs of millions of maturing baby boomers. There is truly a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY for Baby Boomers to find new careers and new ventures.

It is estimated that more than eighty percent of baby boomers plan to keep working after retirement.  Such a situation creates amazing opportunities – older people will continue to work way after retirement age. We’re all living in a very different world than what we grew up in.  It is highly likely that boomers, instead of retiring, will be starting new businesses and working to finance their future. Many of these will be downsizing, not just their houses, but everything about their lifestyle.  Lifestyle shifts as well as career shifts are happening.

New Career Order

The realization of an economic and employment new order will create a whole new environment for many millions of boomers. Baby boomers may not want to do the same type of work after fifty years old that they did when they were younger. More than fifty percent of working retirees say they want to work in a new field. With the influx of many millions of people into later life, whole new industries will spring up, plus industries presently functional will require large expansions to cater for boomer needs.

There are a number of industry sectors that are creating new opportunities such as in healthcare, assisted living, education, government, consulting, leisure activities, travel, social media, consulting, technology and, of course, starting your own business in any sector is an obvious avenue.

A new brand of entrepreneurs has been created based on the needs of maturing baby boomers.  This new environment will create many new self-employed businesses for boomers. It is a fact, that baby boomers also have significant disposable income, free time, skill and experience to try new activities. There are so many industry sectors that will benefit by the boomer economic impact.

Doom and gloom or a new age of opportunity?

This is the new reality! The second half of your life can be a time of a new awareness through new and diverse career choices.

What challenges are ahead for Baby Boomers and how will you approach these career changes?

About the Author: John Rodsett is a speaker, entrepreneur, and author of Change Your Career….Baby Boomers!. You can read more about his work and how he helps baby boomers through career change on his website