You can’t help but notice there are some positive signs that we’re slowly but surely coming out of this recession. And, that means that as the job market improves many companies are going to find themselves looking at empty chairs as their disengaged, frustrated workers move to greener pastures.

We are currently working with a couple of clients who are taking steps today to try to head off this potential exodus.

Are You One of the Herd?

Which brings me to a related point … How many of you out there are not only disengaged and frustrated with your job but also with your life?

During this tough economy and job market, many of your expectations may have gone unmet. Whether it’s job satisfaction, career development or overall life success, things may not be going your way. When this happens, there is a natural tendency to disengage, to unplug. You go through the motions, but part of your mind is elsewhere, unfocused.

Are you just going through the motions? Or do you live with purpose. Have you reflected on your aspirations and then written them as goals for all aspects of your life; work, career and personal?

How to Get Engaged in Life

It’s impossible to be disengaged in either your job or your life if you’ve established a set of compelling long and short-term goals. With these in place getting up in the morning is a joy; another day to tackle the actions that will propel you into your amazing, planned for and purposeful future! Sure there will be set backs but when you have goals you can see what the next step is to overcome those barriers.

We are always surrounded by a host of opportunities to create a better life. Yet, when you are completely absorbed by the day to day, when we focus on the trivial things that keep us trapped in the status quo, those opportunities to change our lives just slip by.

When the activities you are engaged in are not aligned with your aspirations for your life, you don’t get the results that you had hoped for.

What are you focusing on? Do the behaviors you engage in bring you the results you want? Do they bring you a better life?

Engaged people achieve their goals and life aspirations because the show up every day mentally and physically motivated to deliver extraordinary results.

Your world abounds with the information you need to make quantum leaps toward a dramatically better life. The keys to success are in book stores, resources on the internet, in CDs and DVDs, some TV, and in the people that you meet. There are ample opportunities to immerse yourself in learning what you need to know to be totally engaged in life and create the fantastic life that you want.

Some people choose to take that path of learning and enrichment. In my role of executive coach, I find it easy to identify the people who want a better life.
They’re the ones who seek out materials, books, coaches, and opportunities to develop better work and personal leadership skills. They listen to every word, collect insights and apply them to their work and lives. They devour educational CDs in their car to learn and positively condition their mind. They actually change how they think and engage in new more productive and effective behaviors.

Do a Self Analysis

So the question becomes, are you copping out … watching a lot of TV, wasting time engaged in activities that don’t lead to the life you want? Are you ignoring and passing up opportunities to improve yourself? Or, are you engaged in a healthy balance of work, physical exercise, and learning and skill development that will lead to greater success and the better life you want?

If you’re not getting the things you want in life, it’s because you’re not taking the actions necessary to get them. Remember, it’s always your choice!

Three Things to Do Next

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3.  Reflect: Take some time to think about some of the questions we asked.  What actions can you take to head your life where you want it to go?

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