You just came home after a horrible day at work. Your boss is stressing you out and drives you crazy. You know you are under appreciated and underpaid and the resentment for the job is building up to a point you can barely hold it in.

So you get home and tell yourself, “I’m just going to take a quick look on Indeed, and see if there’s a job that looks more appealing than the one I have right now.”

And then you see it. The perfect job.

A match to your skills at a company you’d fit in like a glove. You weren’t expecting to actually apply for a job that night, but this was meant to be. I mean, it couldn’t just be coincidence you found it after a frustrating night like tonight? You have to at least try and see what happens right?

When you only get one chance to go for a job you REALLY want, you have to make it count.

And that’s what today’s infographic from CashNetUSA is about.

how to get the job you want